Media Kit

Ray of Light Foundation is a volunteer group, driven by a singular mission: to help children in their fight against cancer. No child will go untreated for want of money, and the holistic treatment that we provide will be the best there is.The chances of survival for a child with cancer are excellent if they get the right treatment. However, the survival rates in our part of the world are poor because a large number of children drop out of treatment protocols, simply because their families cannot afford it. Since the costs of treatment are very high, very little help is available. But the survival chances are so good for these children, it’s a shame to lose their young lives because of the lack of help. This is where we come in, to ensure that such aid is available, at the right time and place, no matter what the cost.

Our goal was to “adopt” children from the lower socio economic group with cancer and undertake their entire treatment in a paediatric cancer center staffed by qualified paediatric oncologists. Our goal was to ensure at that every child gets the best available treatment for his or her type of cancer no matter what the expenses. Since its inception 12 years ago, we have adopted 63 children. Most of them have Leukemia. We have provided the drugs and consumables at the approximate cost of 3 – 5 lakhs rupees for each child. The hospital where the children get treatment, Kanchi KamaKoti CHILDS Trust Hospital, contributes to the treatment by waiving the bed and lab charges. Our entire team of doctors work for free.